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Welcome To Raigarh Sahyog Samiti ‘Prosperity With Peoples Participation’
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Raigarh Sahyog Samiti

A versatile non government organization committed for the holistic and Sustainable development of rural tribal communities

Raigarh Sahyog Samiti, formed on October 20th, 2000 under Society Act and got registered as a Non-Governmental Voluntary Organization ( NGO ), is dedicated to social and economical welfare of the poor tribal and other under privileged people of the rural regions. Presently our presence is felt in the remote villages of Raigarh, Jashpur and Balrampur districts of Chhattisgarh. As we firmly believe that Government alone can’t implement all of its programmes successfully at grass root level and fulfil the needs and aspirations of civil society, peoples’ participation at the grass root level which is essential for caring, responsible and service delivery network carried out through our organization. Our emphasis is on flexibility, responsiveness, commitment and innovative ideas which are key factors of our operation. The goal of the organization is to improve people’s Livelihood, Health, Education, Agriculture, Horticulture, Natural resource Management, Women’s Empowerment, Capacity Building of rural people, Literacy, Research & Planning.

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Our Mission

“Giving wings to the aspirations of rural tribal communities”

All along the path of sustainable development, as there is a saying that “To eradicate a problem; one must get into the root of it”. This is precisely what our founder members (Hon’able President late Shree Shailesh K. Singh and the Secretary Mr.Dharmendra Choudhary) believed in. Through self-employment & self-reliance, men and women can gain economic independence and can raise their standings in the society i.e. they can fulfil all their basic needs. According to the values and beliefs of our founder members, our social goals are as follows:

1. Development and pervasive use of local resources-men and materials both of the region with a persistent care of environment. 2.Supporting the local professional pursuits in order to generate the spirit of self-sufficiency and self-reliance.
3. Enhancing the quality of life by wide dissemination of education, health care and civil amenities in the rural regions.

RSS has tirelessly been trying to incarnate the dreams of crores of poor & rural tribal people. We are using various participatory rural evaluating tools to ensure participation of tribal rural communities in their own development. We take almost care not to take up programmes that may create dependency or make them more vulnerable than before. RSS is a petty little organization to design and script the success story of rural tribal populace which has taken the responsibility for the well- being and faster progress of the rural tribal populace. Driven by its passion for the rural tribal people, it initiated developmental works to script the story of progress of rural region. It encourages people’s involvement in the process of improving their own lives. RSS has 5700 nos. of Women members engaged in various income generating activities through various projects & schemes and 34 nos. of Kisan-Clubs with a membership of about 350 nos. of farmers.

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We work parallely with Government and other Social Organizations to achieve common aim and objectives of socio-economic well being of the entire society. We focus on socio-economic development of the people, particularly, people below the poverty line and poor tribal people. Creation of social awareness by motivational workshops / activities. Social Mobilization and capacity building. Read more

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Raigarh Sahyog Samiti

SIRD Campus Infront of church, Regda road Boirdadar

District:Raigarh (C.G.) 496001
Phone: 07762-224057
E-mail: raigarh_rgh@yahoo.com Website: www.raigarhsahyog.org