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Rural Cadre Of Professionals Development Programme (RCP)

An array of social welfare programmes of the government as well as of other developmental agencies including NABARD are under implementation in the rural regions of this poor neglected state. However, the rural people have not been able to take full advantage of these interventions due to various reasons such as lack of awareness about the on-going programmes, illiteracy, lack of extension support, inability to understand the benefits of the schemes & above all, an absence of committed workforce within the implementing agencies to guide and support them.

Many of the on-going programmes are being implemented through the Non Governmental Organisations or Voluntary Agencies. They are attempting to fill the void left by inadequate extension network in terms of non availability of manpower, low level of commitment or lack of competency of the extension agencies. However, they too are facing a problem of high rate of attrition among its staff due to increasing demand of professionals in rural development sector.

In the light of the above, it was felt essential to develop a cadre of professionals from among the local youth to work in rural areas. With an objective to develop a cadre of committed, competent, qualified and skilled personnel to work in rural areas and guide the people in effective implementation of various projects/ programmes, including those supported by NABARD in farm sector, NABARD sponsored Rural Cadre of Professionals Development Programme, a three months residential training programme for 20 rural youths with minimum qualification of 12 standard and maximum of 25 years of age.

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We work parallely with Government and other Social Organizations to achieve common aim and objectives of socio-economic well being of the entire society. We focus on socio-economic development of the people, particularly, people below the poverty line and poor tribal people. Creation of social awareness by motivational workshops / activities. Social Mobilization and capacity building. Read more

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