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Resource Support Organisation (RSO)

Raigarh Sahyog Samiti (RSS) has been appointed as the RSO (Resource Support Organization) by NABARD in the year 2009 and since then RSS has been providing the required training to various project implementing agencies for execution of NABARD’s Wadi Development Programme in the state of Chhattisgarh.

RSS conducts training programmes for capacity building of progressive farmers in general and the future generation of the RSS in particular. Based on its rich experience, RSS has developed unique training programmes and modules. The uniqueness of RSS lies in its connectivity with various sustainable development programmes, implemented in different socio-ecological conditions in the state. This unique strategy has helped maintain a high level of internal motivation among the development workers and commitment to implement programme objectives in various situations. To operate the rural development programme as a business model, our organization has structured its training modules for the benefit of community organisations and development agencies which are now exposed to business administration skills and technologies apart from sustainable management of programmes.

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We work parallely with Government and other Social Organizations to achieve common aim and objectives of socio-economic well being of the entire society. We focus on socio-economic development of the people, particularly, people below the poverty line and poor tribal people. Creation of social awareness by motivational workshops / activities. Social Mobilization and capacity building. Read more

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