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Nabard’s WADI Development Programme

Raigarh Sahyog Samiti initiated a comprehensive Tribal Rehabilitation Programme in Chhattisgarh State with the help of NABARD, focussing on sustainable development, while conserving the natural resources.

NABARD’s Sustainable Livelihood Support for Tribal Families

NABARD has been closely associated with tribal development and sustainable livelihoods through orchard based farming systems. As an integral component of NABARD’s Natural Resource Management (NRM) policy of providing sustainable livelihoods, NABARD laid special emphasis on providing support for holistic development of tribal communities with orchard establishment as the core element. The implementation of comprehensive Tribal Development Fund (TDF) had provided several insights for NABARD in framing strategies for holistic development of tribal regions. The central focus of TDF is “wadi model of tribal development which has been acclaimed worldwide as a sustainable and replicable model for poverty alleviation. The model was recognized as a successful replicable model for poverty alleviation together with suitable fruit crops, intercrops, soil conservation, water resource development and other measures for improving the quality of tribal life such as socio economic development, community health & sanitation, women development, institutional development, etc.


Fruit trees in Wadi plots provide income year after year. The main activity was establishment of fruit orchards on 0.4 ha. of degraded land by each family. The steps involved were shaping of one acre barren land through establishment of drought tolerant fruit crops like mango, cashew-nut, pears etc. as main crops, cultivation of seasonal vegetable crops in the inter-space between fruit plants and fencing of orchards by establishing saplings of various plant species useful for food, fodder, timber, fuel and herbal medicines, on the boundary. As these crops promoted under the agri-horti-forestry system needed water for ensuring higher growth and yield, water resources were developed from various sources such as revival of natural springs, ring wells and borewells, lift irrigation, farm ponds, etc.

Wadi is built on the principles of participatory and environmentally sustainable development, with maximum use of local resources, local technologies and local skills. Wadi is today a recognised model for tribal development. Raigarh Sahyog Samiti along with its associate organisations, has implemented Wadi programmes in remote areas of Raigarh, Jashpur and Balrampur districts of Chhattisgarh state benefitting over 11, 980 tribal

District No. of Village No. of Participant/Families Area in Acre Major Fruit Crop
Raigarh 65 3600 3600 Mango , Cashew
Jashpur 111 6880 6880 Mango , Cashew, Pears
Balrampur 7 500 500 Mango , Pears

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We work parallely with Government and other Social Organizations to achieve common aim and objectives of socio-economic well being of the entire society. We focus on socio-economic development of the people, particularly, people below the poverty line and poor tribal people. Creation of social awareness by motivational workshops / activities. Social Mobilization and capacity building. Read more

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