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Watershed Development Programme

Objectives of Watershed Development Programme

  • Improve the productive potentials of selected watersheds and their associated natural resource base.

  • Sustainable alleviation of Poverty.

  • Develop and strengthen community based institutional arrangements for sustainable natural resource management.

  • Improved skills and employment opportunities for non-farm sectors.

  • Involvement of village communities in participatory planning, implementation, social and environmental management, maintenance of assets and to operate in a more socially inclusive manner.

Importance of watershed development

The land resources of the Chhattisgarh state especially its dry drought prone lands, have been poorly managed by the poor farmers of the state. Soil loss due to erosion coupled with reduced water resources has led to a situation of rapid soil fertility deterioration, declining/stagnating of crop yields, depletion of ground water levels, deforestation, denudation and destruction of natural pasture. Exploring the full potential of rain fed agriculture to meet the food, fodder and fuel requirement of the state population, is the only alternative, however, this will require investing in suitable soil and water conservation technologies, crop breeding targeted to rain fed environments, agricultural extension services, and access to markets, credit and input supplies in rain fed areas. The potential for increasing the irrigable area and enhancing productivity from irrigated lands has its limitations. The remaining land has to depend on rain fed farming forever. Therefore if the state has to conserve and develop natural resources in rain fed areas to improve their production and productivity, their development on watershed basis is inevitable. Development of rain fed areas is important because more than 64 % of its agricultural production comes from dry lands.

ORG’s Watershed Development Programme

Raigarh Sahyog Samiti (RSS) started the “Watershed Development Programme” with the help and valued guidance of NABARD in the year 2008 in the Raigarh and Jashpur districts of Chhattisgarh state.

District wise cumulative coverage of families/Beneficiaries under Watershed Programme

District Name of Watershed No. of Village Treated Area in HA Families Benefited
Raigarh Kapartunga Chhinchpani, Bhalupani, Kapatunga 721.309 ha All Villagers
Pakhnakot Pakhnakot 1757.442 ha All Villagers
Jashpur Barpani Barpani, Barojhariya 892.998 ha All Villagers
Kopa Kopa 1624.565 ha All Villagers
Bamhani Bamhani 724.216 ha All Villagers
Bamhani Bamhani 724.216 ha All Villagers
Pandrutoli-Sonmuth Pandrutoli-Sonmuth 960.18 haa All Villagers
Jampani-Kendpani Jampani-Kendpani 770.35 ha All Villagers
Gala-Shivpur Gala-Shivpur 972.30 ha All Villagers

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